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December 26, 2012
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Naruto Holding Hinatas Hand by bekka72798 Naruto Holding Hinatas Hand by bekka72798
SOOO KAWAIII!!! >//< <333333 OMG, I cant beileve he held her hand .. He even said he wont let go of it. i swear if they dont end up together when this shit with obito is over ..
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Sasu-Saku-Uchiha Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyun~! x3
Chiimeii Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
Gynee Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
kyawwwww the best chap ever.. :heart: i'm so happy T_T
Katangaroo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
I know how you feelz! With everyone bitching about him not responding to her confession this turned out monumentally better than anything I could imagine happening before now. Now every fan can be happy. The manga still has action and it has our favorite ship, win/win!
:XD: This made me realize everything NaruHina does is epic and uber meaningful! Many times LIVES were on the line.
It would seem that for both Naruto and Hinata :icononedoesnotplz: One does not simply confess...
it must also save the village and later the WORLD from destruction?! Hmm, It would seem so.

Now what will narusaku shippers do? This is undeniable! Even the blind can see it! When i get to school after break i'll just be like "...i kinda called it. :trollface:"
i'm sure i'll get punched (more like told to can it) but it'll be worth it!

Does anyone else want Sasuke to help in the war? (on the Alliance's side)
if he doesn't, then i'd like to start shipping him with the Shinigami and be done with him. His indecisiveness and wannabe/holier-than-thou attitude annoys me. If he doesn't become good again then he can die for all i care.
bekka72798 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
This was the best thing i have ever read ! <3 I agree with you on this 100%! Narutos "thank you" to hinata was pretty much him saying "thank you for being by my side". But the question is, what if sasuke does "help" in the war?? o.O Will he help the allies or the enemies… I hope he comes back in the manga sooner though, i can't wait to see whats going to happen :D
Katangaroo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks. *Crying tears of joy* Finally someone agrees... friend me.
You're awesome XD!

Hmm, if he does help, then i suppose i'll have to ask my computer "WUT da fffff, SASUKE?!"
First he needs a reason to help them (either one) and it better be good. No stupid shhhh like "for old times sake" or "because they're my family". If he says that, Sakura better give him a kick in the nads for old times sake and Naruto should give him a punch for old times sake... i'll refer him to Hinata about who his family is (well, SHOULD be).
If he picks a side now my money is he'll choose Tobi because that's who he was last allied with (and he still wants to destroy Konoha by killing all it's ninja first, there and then. the civilians will come later - evil).

I'm guessing the next time we see him, he'll still be in the cave talking to Orochimaru. Something SHOCKING will be revealed. He'll react to it like he did when Tobi told him Itachi loved him. Then he'll change his aims (again) and rush to the battle field.
But for entertainment value, Kishi will probably show his team leaving/travelling there while thinking about the conversation
during the battle sasuke's team will show up DUN DUN DUN and we're left hanging til the next chap shows a flashback to the conversation.
Snips of the battle and Team Taka travelling and Flashbacks all jumbled and in no particular amount.

I have a feeling Orochi will tell Sasuke something about the innocuous "them" (probably his parents/clan or obito&madara) that will make him want to join one side or the other slightly more. With him being an arse hole and all, Sasuke will think he won't trust Orochi ("Sss, Have i ever lied before, Sasssuke-kun?" eww).
Still won't trust him.

After that point i think he would join the Alliance.

This is all just speculation. With that GIANT NaruHina moment we just had, Sasuke will probably show up within 5 chapters of the big battle continuing if it goes anything like a think it will (but i'm not Kishi, now am i?).
Next chap will be Naruto denying Tobi's hand (he's got a better one, thanks) and more epic quotes. Maybe Naruto will offer his OTHER hand to bring him to the light again and Tobi will end Madara's edo tensei so they can live in the village with Sasuke and the Uchiha clan will be revived... how great..
Then probably another surprise and then "Sasuke/Team Taka heads for the battle field!" or "Sasuke/Team Taka joins the fight!"

SIGH, The manga can only continue so long after a Hinata moment before Sasuke has to show up and overshadow everything like a show off.
I swear if he tries to one up Hinata and kisses Naruto again...! I don't even! Hell, at that point, i'll kill him myself!
bekka72798 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hnmm, idk it's hard because if Sasuke does team up with Obito and not the allies what WILL happen? B/c if sasuke comes in the war this changes eveerrryythingg..

Ha! Imagine if at the end of the war naruto and hinata kiss, and then sasuke interrupts in the middle. Aww shiet xD But yeah..

Theres many possibilities on what could happen if Sasuke comes back in the manga and all.. I just hope that it will be something good! :D
Katangaroo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Don't say "it changes evvverrrything" until you see it. Sasuke isn't that much of a game changer. He could always show up after the war when they're all healing/back at the village (? and then the final battle?? No).
Also, remember that what characters say usually foreshadow the future. For example, Hinata said she'd hold Naruto's hand... and it happened. Naruto made all of the Konoha 11 agree to leave killing sasuke solely to him when they decided he must die. To me, that means Sasuke WILL die, b/c of or by Naruto. Another option is they kill each other and both die... as Naruto had said...
but that's beside the point now.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Sasuke joining the allies in the war (besides hypocrisy) is that the final fight between him and Naruto will just be a friendly training spar... they won't even show it most likely if that happens! they'll just run at each other then poof! Next chapter/episode! Laaaaame...
i don't want that, it has to be a fight to the end!
:iconhinatarapefaceplz: heheheeeeh...
I want blood. Oh yes... I want Sasuke blindly trying to crawl away with his chin as Naruto stabs him with his own sword still clutched by his detached arms, his legs in the distant background :evillaugh:... mmm, but that's just me >_>. (i like Dark!Naruto. If he did that with a malicious smile after thoroughly beating Sasuke? ohh yeah, i'd like. because Naruto doesn't underestimate his opponent. When he said he'd kill sasuke that was a promise.)

Believe me: it will be good. Japan is 3 real years ahead of us with the manga and it still isn't finished (according to my sources). So it must have been good to still go on so long.
Holy shhh, just to think there is three more years worth of Naruto waiting for me to read, it's better than ecstasy :XD: ...
3 years worth of naruto = x * 52.1775 (# of wks in a yr)
x = 156.532
so about 156 chapters maybe take off the random 5 to 15 chaps for 2 week updates
THAT'S..........!!! 140 chapters!!!!!!!!!!1 OH. YOUR. Lord Jashin!

And the current chap is 615... you do the math.
SakuraNeedSasuke Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Take that NaruSaku fans ^^!!!
NaruHina Is happening you canīt reject it Now
I always knew that naruhina will happend ... and
sasusaku will happend as well ... ^^ the same is with shikaino xD
I knew it from the beginning and it would be like this ^^
I should be a soothsayer ^^
bekka72798 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hah omg i hope sasusaku and shikaino and all those shippings happen too ^_^ But i wonder wat sasukes gonna do with orochimaru now O_O Haha :D But yeah im glad that Hinata did this, she like spoke her mind and i was crying when i saw this x'D
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